UpCycle Hangers to make a snowflake

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I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and came across this photo that said “Winter is in full swing here in Wisconsin! ❄ Feeling crafty today. Made some snowflakes out of old hangers. Love how they turned out! ❤ ” The post was on Upcycled Funk on Facebook.

It had a photo of a pile of hangers and a photo of a snowflake put together. There were no directions. So here is what El and I came up with. I figured that these would be perfect to put up (the day after Thanksgiving) on my goat pasture fence along the road. These will be super cute hanging on our fence for both winter and Christmas seasons (they are weather and mostly goat proof too!!)

So here is what I used: 16 hangers, 40 or so zip ties and a pair of scissors. And that is it!!! We had a ton of fun making these and they didn’t take a lot of time. The best part is that they cost less than $3 each to make! Yep, only a little more than $2 in hangers and $0.50 in zip ties!! So off to the dollar store, I go to create another fantastic craft.

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