Firestarter – Toilet Paper Rolls and Dryer Lint

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Learning different techniques to get that heat and/or cooking first started can be a matter of life and death.

Today I am going to focus on one that we use all winter in our house. Being that we do heat our house with a wood stove (I have propane central heat that we do not use often). Our woodstove heats our house adequately and we can simmer soup or a teapot on the top of the stove as well. We have visiting type of fire starting before at

What firestarter does our family use? Right now, the toilet paper roll stuffed with lint is our go to. We use this one even without the wax or waxpaper on it. 

To create these fire starters, you need an empty toilet paper roll, lint from your dryer and wax paper. (You do not have to use the wax paper, but it lights and burns better. You can also


  1. Cut a toilet paper roll in half or a paper towel roll in quarters to make shorter rings.
  2. Loosely stuff each ring with lint from your clothes dryer. Hint: When you empty out your dryer, toss all of your lint into a half-gallon mason jar or a gallon ziplock bag.
  3. Wrap each stuffed ring with a square of wax paper. Twist the paper ends.
  4. You can make these in just a few minutes. I save up for a week or 2 and make them all at the same time. But, you can make them as you empty the rolls too. I store my firestarters in a basket by my woodstove.

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