Our Homestead year in review, 2019

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Every year, I sit down and write a review. Some years are difficult and others are not. This year we have had some amazing blessings.

February brought a crazy winter snowfall of over 35 inches at our house. We know that is normal for many parts of the country, but for our area, this was completely out of the norm! We took a quick trip to Six Flags in southern California with some of the kids during April. May marked a homeschool prom for Griffen and El. Summer came and went and Trystan was able to come home (more on that below) and my nephew, Brent left for the Army!!! In August, Shelby turned 21! September was the month for the Yavapai County Fair. We had such a great time and brought home quite a few grand champions! In October, Shelby, Michael, Kris, and Larry went on a short cruise to celebrate Shelby’s 21st Birthday. December marked another birthday milestone as Ellie turned 16 and got her driver’s license.

We birthed 20 baby kunekune pigs, 12 Nubian dairy goats, and about 1000 coturnix quail in 2019. Our garden didn’t do too well because of the lack of summer monsoons this year, but there is always next year!

I was so glad that all of my kids and my nephews let me take this photo of them.

Kris and Larry

Larry is still at the school district. He loves his job there and that is such a blessing. He continues to edit his book and we are working on finding the perfect publishing company.

Kris continues working online as an ESL teacher for several different companies. Several books are in the works and our family site (this one) with crafts and recipes, youtube videos and more and is a top priority. Besides working on ESL classes and teaching kids from all over the world, she still takes on some web design and photography clients. But most of all Kris loves spending time with her crew.

Shelby (and Michael)

2019 has been a true blessing for our family. Shelby and Michael have decided to get married in May of 2020 and they bought a house about 10 miles away. We are so happy to have Michael in our family. Shelby turned 21 in August. WOW!! They added some furry babies into the family this year.


It has been a great year for Griffen. He is taking college classes for his senior year of high school and is working hard at his job. He continues to amaze us all with his skills. The kids at church love “Mr. Griffen” as a teacher in the classroom there. We are getting ready to have a graduation ceremony for him in May!


Elwyn.is.driving!!! She is working on her Junior year of high school and took on a history project that studies the clothing during the different time eras. She is amazing!


Berlin has grown about a foot this year. And in 2019 officially became a teenager! His love of Star Wars hasn’t faltered and was excited to see the newest movie on opening day of 2019.


Rowan has become quite the little chef in the house. She is growing up so quickly. For Christmas this year, she asked for baking items like piping tips and cake pans. She wants to go to culinary school.


As many have followed, adoption through foster care can sometimes be very difficult. Trystan, after being away for 20 months in a behavioral treatment center has come home. Although most of his behaviors have not changed the way we hoped, he continues to have therapy and work through all of the past trauma that he had. We have an amazing team helping him!


The littlest princess turned 9 in July. WOW! She is amazing. Besides schoolwork, her days include bike riding and many other outdoor activities.

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