Freeze Dried – Chili, Spinach and Bananas

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I was curious about how chili freeze-dried and reconstituted. Yes, I know that most chili is already canned and shelf-stable… But our personal homemade chili isn’t and I don’t can it. So we could make a batch and have for either food storage or for lunches for Griffen, Larry, Shelby or Michael and not have to worry about refrigeration.

So, in this family, we freeze-dry it. Today, we are opening some cans of chili (3 different brands and our homemade) and seeing which ones freeze-dry better and which ones reconstitute better.

Here is our listing for our homemade chili in our instant pot if you would like out recipe – And guess what? – Our version will provide you dinner and if you double it in your pressure cooker it could fill your freeze dryer as well. πŸ™‚

Click me for krisandlarry’s Instant Pot Low Carb/Keto-friendly chili Recipe:

To divide our chili on the freeze-dry trays, we used the Modular Moulds from Frozen Right. One set was used for both trays. πŸ™‚ (link below) We also put in spinach and bananas. For the bananas, we used the Tray Grates from Frozen Right as well so that we could stack twice as many bananas onto the freeze dryer tray. They fit perfectly.

Thank you Frozen Right for your AMAZING products! Their website is (No we are not an affiliate for Frozen Right or for any of the chili companies that we used! For frozen Right, we just like to promote GREAT quality products that help with our freeze-drying journey.)

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