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Wait? You can freeze-dry citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges? Yes, you sure can! Now, what would you use them for? You can use them in slices or ground up. You can rehydrate or use the powders. Berlyn and I created a video for you below. Check it out! You can also visit our youtube channel at

I was actually shocked at the color of the lemons and how they turned a brown color. I expected them to stay yellow. I think that I will try those again.


The lime’s sourness and bitterness make it the perfect pairing with sweet flavors.

  • Drop into a soda
  • add to condensed milk when making key lime pie
  • Add into rice or couscous, to give a citrus flair.
  • Stir into Dark Chocolate when making desserts.
  • Add a freeze-dried lime slice to beverages for instant flavor

Limes rapidly rehydrate when added to liquid so they are great in your daily water.


Freeze-dried lemons are great for balancing sweetness and complement the flavors of other fruit such as blueberry, lime, and orange, as well as herbs, shellfish, meat and ingredients such as ginger.

  • Add to your fish or chicken dishes
  • Add to greek yogurt or in Greek dishes
  • The powder can be used in beverages such as tea.

Freeze-dried lemon pieces, slices or powder can be used in a variety of ways.


Their sweet flavor has subtle hints of other citrus fruits, and they can be perfectly paired with a variety of herbs, spices, hard cheeses, fish and meat.

  • Add the powder to chocolate desserts
  • Smoothies
  • add the powder to marinades or dry rubs
  • into your drinking water
  • Stir powder into cream cheese for a cheesecake
  • chopped up and added into homemade granola snacks

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