Day: March 6, 2020

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Know your Eggs – Homesteading

On our little homestead, we have many different egg-laying animals. I would love to get an ostrich or an emu… but Larry (you know, the guy from put his foot down! LOL He has been doing that for years…. but really doesn’t know how many goats or pigs we have. I don’t think that I could swing adding a…

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Homeschool Curriculum Review – JustinGuitar ONLINE

#homeschoolreview #twothumbsup #krisandlarryhomeschoolapproved #homeschool #homeschoollmusc #amazoninfluencer homeschool Approved. Over the years, we have tried out many different music programs. Fortunately, with the Internet, there are many, many places that you can find online. We have finally found one that we like as a family. We are learning both the guitar and the ukulele. We can’t say enough good things…