Homeschool Curriculum Review – “The Good and the Beautiful”

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I am a very “different” homeschooler. I do not buy a curriculum from one company so my history is from one place and my math is from another and I don’t always teach from a specific grade level. I switch around and I LOVE sets that I can use for more than one child at the same time. In the beginning, I felt that I needed 100% from one company and needed to be loyal. Teaching a child OUT OF THE BOX is one of the best and most crucial parts of homeschooling!

I have been doing a lot of research recently to find something new in order to switch it up for my younger crew again.

This morning, I purchased The Good and the Beautiful K-8 Space Science set (And I printed the PDF that came with my print version). I read through the entire packet while the kids had park day. OH MY! I love this science kit! Then I saw that they had the Marine Biology one for FREE online too! So I downloaded that PDF and printed it too! This is going to be a GREAT year for science!

I love that I can purchase a print version or a PDF version and print those on my laser printer! I love that they allow you to print for your entire household.

And they have some FREEBIES in the English downloads too! OH MY! What a fantastic company to offer these goodies to homeschoolers!! Click on the link below for 5th grade English FULL DOWNLOAD.

We didn’t just pick up the Space and Marine Biology – We also picked up the Handwriting levels 3 and 4….I know that you are asking why I would get those 2 levels when I have a 5, 2-7th graders, and a freshman in my group of “littles”. These levels are teaching better handwriting and CURSIVE that I have never taught this crew because Berlyn struggled. (Autism is Cray-Cray!). Remember to teach from out of the box and fit to the individual child! Click here for their website

So, my younger crew is working on upping their handwriting! I know that they are going to zip through these pages, but I wanted to make sure that we had everything covered.

(We are not an affiliate with them. We are sharing because we like their products as homeschoolers.)

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