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Thank you for visiting our page! We are a family of 9 plus one angel.

We started our homestead journey after finding out one of our adopted kids had horrible intolerances to both lactose and gluten.

We have always had chickens for eggs. But then we added goats for milk and meat, turkeys, quail, swine, and rabbits. We rely on our hard work to eat more naturally… We know where our food comes from and appreciate that.

Our goal is making the “simple” life, our way of life.

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Mom is Kris. Kris has an AFA in photography and a BS in education. She is 1/2 way through her MA in family therapy. Kris has several cookbooks published and loves homeschooling her children. She is an online ESL teacher, teaches children immersion English online to students all over the world including China, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.  Kris was the mom of the year in Chino Valley for 2016.

Dad is Larry. Larry has a bachleors degree in computers. He currently works as the network administrator/technology director for a local school district and has been there for over 18 years. He loves his job.  He enjoys hiking and takes kids out on the weekends for 4 to 15-mile hikes. He is also a secret author. 😉 His new book will be released sometime in 2020.

Shelby is the oldest of the crew at 21 and has an amazing to-be husband, Michael. They just bought their own homestead about 10 miles away from ours.  She is the animal whisperer and helps with everything that she can.

Griffen is our builder. This amazing 17 year old can manage to build anything out of pallets. He is being homeschooled 12th grade this year and has started his own youtube channel for his Xbox play – He is also a college student at Yavapai College and works for a local Feed Store.

Elwyn is 16 and in 11th grade. This farm girl, even in her little frame, works as hard as her brother on the homestead. (You should see her throw 50-pound bags of feed!)  This amazing girl has the future goal to go to school to become a groomer and open her own shop.

Berlyn is our Jedi. He tends to wander off during chore time to play with lightsabers… when he does help out, you can find him down by the bunny hutches. Berlyn is 13.

Rowan loves the baby chicks in the house. She feeds the goats every morning. Rowan is 12 and in 4th grade. Rowan wants to be a pastry chef one day and loves taking cooking classes online.  She is currently taking Master class with mom and Gordon Ramsey.

Trystan, our other 12-year-old, is an active little man. No, they are not twins! Trystan is always on the go and is still adjusting to life with a family and on a homestead. He does like to sit and draw.

Grayson , the “baby” of the group is our Disney Princess. Tough like Merida but simple and smart like Anna. She takes care of filling waters for the goats and pigs. 🙂

Michael, Shelby, Griffen, Elwyn, Rowan, Larry, Kris, Berlyn, Grayson, Trystan

Our Sweet Angel… Breckin  – He lived hard and he loved hard. With Jesus on March 11, 2017.

We miss you Freckle Face.

Ecclesiastes 3:4  a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,

He had a blog at

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