Top 100 Homestead Skills you should know

Top 100 Homestead Skills you should know

June 28, 20247 min read

Top 100 Things to Learn on Your Homestead


Welcome to! As homesteaders, we embrace a lifestyle that values self-sufficiency, sustainability, and a deep connection to the land and animals. Whether you're just starting your homesteading journey or looking to expand your skills, there's always something new to learn. We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 100 things to learn on your homestead. From DIY projects and animal husbandry to gardening and preservation techniques, this list will inspire and guide you towards a more fulfilling and productive homestead life.

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1. DIY Compost Bin Construction

  • Learn how to build an effective compost bin to recycle organic waste.

2. Chicken Coop Building

  • Design and construct a safe and functional chicken coop for your flock.

3. Raised Garden Beds

  • Create raised garden beds to improve soil quality and plant health.

4. Beekeeping Basics

  • Start a beekeeping operation to produce your own honey and beeswax.

5. Canning and Preserving

  • Master the art of canning to preserve fruits, vegetables, and jams.

6. Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Install a rainwater harvesting system to conserve water for your garden.

7. Solar Energy Installation

  • Set up solar panels to harness renewable energy for your homestead.

8. DIY Greenhouse

  • Build a greenhouse to extend your growing season and protect plants.

9. Soap Making

  • Learn to make natural soaps using ingredients from your homestead.

10. Cheese Making

  • Produce delicious homemade cheese with milk from your animals.

11. Hydroponics and Aquaponics

  • Explore soilless growing techniques to maximize your space and yield.

12. Herbal Medicine

  • Cultivate and use medicinal herbs to promote health and wellness.

13. Homemade Bread Baking

  • Perfect the art of baking bread from scratch with fresh ingredients.

14. Fruit Tree Pruning

  • Learn proper pruning techniques to maintain healthy fruit trees.

15. DIY Root Cellar

  • Build a root cellar to store your harvests and preserve food naturally.

16. Raising Goats

  • Understand the basics of goat husbandry for milk, meat, and fiber.

17. Wool Processing

  • Process wool from your sheep into yarn and other useful products.

18. Compost Tea Brewing

  • Brew compost tea to nourish your garden plants with natural fertilizers.

19. Fermenting Vegetables

  • Learn to ferment vegetables to enhance flavor and preserve nutrients.

20. Natural Pest Control

  • Implement eco-friendly methods to manage pests in your garden.

21. DIY Solar Dehydrator

  • Build a solar dehydrator to dry fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

22. Wild Edible Foraging

  • Identify and safely harvest wild edibles in your area.

23. Animal Husbandry Records

  • Keep detailed records for your livestock to track health and productivity.

24. Beekeeping Hive Inspection

  • Perform regular hive inspections to ensure bee health and productivity.

25. Fruit and Nut Orchard Planning

  • Plan and plant a diverse orchard for a continuous harvest.

26. Seed Saving

  • Save seeds from your best plants to ensure future crops.

27. Vermicomposting

  • Use worms to create rich compost for your garden.

28. DIY Irrigation System

  • Install an efficient irrigation system to water your plants.

29. Homemade Yogurt

  • Make fresh yogurt using milk from your dairy animals.

30. DIY Birdhouses

  • Build birdhouses to attract beneficial birds to your homestead.

31. Natural Dyeing

  • Use plants to dye fabrics and yarn naturally.

32. Livestock Fencing

  • Install secure fencing to protect and contain your animals.

33. DIY Solar Oven

  • Construct a solar oven to cook food using the sun's energy.

34. Natural Cleaning Products

  • Make eco-friendly cleaning products from simple ingredients.

35. Rotational Grazing

  • Implement rotational grazing to improve pasture health.

36. Candle Making

  • Create homemade candles with beeswax or other natural materials.

37. Poultry Butchering

  • Learn to humanely butcher chickens for meat.

38. Aquaculture

  • Raise fish in a sustainable and productive aquaculture system.

39. DIY Cold Frame

  • Build a cold frame to start seedlings and extend your growing season.

40. Edible Landscaping

  • Design a landscape that provides both beauty and food.

41. Essential Oil Distillation

  • Extract essential oils from herbs and plants for various uses.

42. DIY Wind Turbine

  • Construct a small wind turbine to generate electricity.

43. Organic Gardening

  • Practice organic gardening to grow healthy and sustainable produce.

44. Homemade Butter

  • Churn fresh butter from your own milk.

45. Animal Health Care

  • Provide basic health care for your livestock and pets.

46. DIY Livestock Shelter

  • Build shelters to protect your animals from the elements.

47. Backyard Orchard Care

  • Maintain and care for a productive backyard orchard.

48. Bee Swarm Capturing

  • Safely capture and relocate bee swarms.

49. Herbal Teas

  • Blend and brew your own herbal teas from garden-grown herbs.

50. DIY Beehive Construction

  • Build and maintain beehives for your beekeeping endeavors.

51. Sourdough Starter

  • Create and maintain a sourdough starter for delicious bread.

52. Mushroom Cultivation

  • Grow mushrooms in logs, straw, or other mediums.

53. Natural Building Techniques

  • Explore natural building methods like cob, straw bale, and adobe.

54. DIY Solar Water Heater

  • Install a solar water heater to reduce energy costs.

55. Livestock Breeding

  • Manage breeding programs for your livestock.

56. Homemade Jam and Jelly

  • Make jams and jellies from homegrown fruit.

57. Woodworking

  • Craft useful items and furniture from wood.

58. DIY Beekeeping Equipment

  • Make your own beekeeping tools and equipment.

59. Off-Grid Living

  • Implement strategies for living independently off the grid.

60. Fermented Dairy Products

  • Create kefir, cheese, and other fermented dairy products.

61. Crop Rotation Planning

  • Plan crop rotations to maintain soil health.

62. DIY Solar Generator

  • Build a solar generator for backup power.

63. Poultry Incubation

  • Incubate and hatch your own chicks.

64. DIY Garden Trellis

  • Construct trellises for climbing plants and increased yield.

65. Seedling Starting

  • Start seedlings indoors to get a jump on the growing season.

66. Herbal Salves and Balms

  • Make healing salves and balms from herbs and natural oils.

67. DIY Fish Pond

  • Create a fish pond for aquaculture or ornamental fish.

68. Livestock Guardian Animals

  • Train and utilize guardian animals to protect your livestock.

69. Homemade Ice Cream

  • Make delicious homemade ice cream with fresh ingredients.

70. DIY Cider Press

  • Build a cider press to make fresh apple cider.

71. Animal Training

  • Train your animals for various tasks and improved handling.

72. DIY Root Cellar

  • Build a root cellar for natural food storage.

73. Herbal Remedies

  • Prepare herbal remedies for common ailments.

74. DIY Water Filtration

  • Construct a water filtration system for clean drinking water.

75. Natural Insect Repellents

  • Make insect repellents using natural ingredients.

76. DIY Cheese Press

  • Build a cheese press for making hard cheeses.

77. Sustainable Forestry

  • Manage your woodlot for sustainable timber production.

78. Homemade Pasta

  • Create fresh pasta from scratch with homegrown ingredients.

79. Animal Husbandry Practices

  • Learn best practices for caring for various livestock species.

80. DIY Bee Nucleus Colony

  • Create nucleus colonies to expand your apiary.

81. Forage Identification

  • Identify and harvest wild forage for food and medicine.

82. DIY Green Roof

  • Install a green roof to insulate your home and grow plants.

83. Fruit and Vegetable Grafting

  • Graft plants to improve yield and disease resistance.

84. Homemade Wine and Beer

  • Brew your own wine and beer from homegrown ingredients.

85. DIY Beekeeping Frames

  • Build beekeeping frames for your hives.

86. Natural Beekeeping

  • Practice beekeeping with minimal chemical intervention.

87. DIY Solar Food Dehydrator

  • Construct a solar food dehydrator for preserving food.

88. Homestead Budgeting

  • Manage finances effectively to support your homestead.

89. DIY Animal Feeder

  • Build feeders to ensure your animals have access to food.

90. Homemade Hot Sauce

  • Make hot sauce from homegrown peppers.

91. Organic Pest Control

  • Use organic methods to control pests in your garden.

92. DIY Rain Garden

  • Create a rain garden to manage runoff and support local wildlife.

93. Soap Making with Lye

  • Make traditional soap using lye and natural fats.

94. DIY Chick Brooder

  • Build a brooder to raise chicks safely and comfortably.

95. Homemade Salsa

  • Prepare fresh salsa from garden vegetables and herbs.

96. Organic Fertilizer Production

  • Make organic fertilizers using compost and natural materials.

97. DIY Farm Signs

  • Create decorative and functional signs for your homestead.

98. Natural Beekeeping Techniques

  • Implement natural beekeeping methods to support bee health.

99. DIY Cold Smoking

  • Build a cold smoker to preserve meat and fish.

100. Root Cellar Construction

  • Construct a root cellar for long-term food storage.

We hope this list inspires you to try new projects and skills on your homestead. Remember, homesteading is a journey, and there's always something new to learn and explore. Download our free PDF printout here to keep this list handy and start checking off these valuable skills. Happy homesteading!

Download the PDF Printout

To make it easier for you to keep track of these 100 essential homesteading skills, we've created a downloadable PDF printout. Click the link below to get your free copy and start your homesteading journey today!

Download the Top 100 Things to Learn on Your Homestead PDF

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