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When asked… “What do you like about homesteading?”

The obvious answers are that I love the lifestyle. I love the fresh veggies. I love the fresh meat and knowing where my food comes from. I love the sweat and tears. I love the animals. I love the time that I spend with my family while we are working…

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Oathkeepers presentation – Dehydrating Foods

Dehydrating Foods [sdm_download id=”4455″ fancy=”0″ new_window=”1″] Every gardening season, we have an over-abundance of vegetables in the garden. We can and dehydrate everything that we don’t eat fresh.  Some of the favorites in our household are “sun-dried” tomatoes, zucchini chips, watermelon chips, fruit roll-ups and jerky. We also use our dehydrator…

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I LOVE Zucchini!

Every year I have a zucchini post. I absolutely LOVE zucchini… as long as it isn’t “mushy”, I am good with it. We have made everything from breads, cakes, cookies, veggie stir fries, fried, baked and even pizzas with zucchini. Yes, this time of year is a crazy time… monsoon…

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Budgeting for food for your family

I am asked all of the time… “How much do you spend on groceries a month?” $600 (ok, pick your jaw up off of the ground) Yes, for our family of 10, I only spend $600 a month. Do you know why? Because that is all that is in the…

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Dehydrating broccoli

When we can pick up veggies for a super-great price, we jump all over that… I can some things, freeze some and even dehydrate some… after we get our fill on fresh. This last week, I picked up 40 pounds of broccoli for $26. My kids love grilled broccoli served…

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It’s that time of year again – ZUCCHINI TIME!! Dried Zucchini Chips

Yes, this time of year is a crazy time… monsoon weather comes up and yes, zucchinis start growing and growing and GROWING!!!  I remember the year that I moved to Arizona, about 25 years ago, someone left a bag of zucchini in my mom’s car at the grocery store… The…

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Dehydrating Strawberries

It’s that time of year again…. SPRING and strawberries are in full bloom at home and available at the grocery store (or as my grandma used to say, “the market.” Every year, I manage to pick up a TON of strawberries and dehydrate them. What do you use those for…

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Summertime Foods – Dehydrating Pineapple

I refuse to buy processed kids snacks, especially during the summer. I tend to buy in bulk and case quantity. last week we picked up 2 cases of pineapple, A FAVORITE in our household. They were FINALLY ripe I used my slicer and then I have even thickness and no…

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Summertime Foods – Saving your herbs

Summertime is such a great time to not only grow your own gardens with vegetables but also herbs to use in your kitchen! I have a pretty large herb selection in my garden as well. I store all of my bulk herb that I dehydrated in quart sized mason jars….

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Organizing your pantry

Having an organized pantry is important in your kitchen. It allows for less time during meal preparation and a much better feel in your kitchen. I know that I feel a whole lot better when I walk into my kitchen and know exactly what I have in my pantry. We…

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Home-made fruit leather

We have been recovering from upper respiratory infections and stomach flu… ARGH! It’s the pits when all 8 in our house get sick!! I have missed posting on my blog and other sites and am trying to get caught up finally!!!   There are a few things in my kitchen…