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Solar Oven cooking – DUMP CAKE

Dump Cake is one of those super simple recipes that we LOVE to make in this house.  Dump Cake 1 package of cake mix (or a homemade cake mix) 3 cups of fresh fruits (berries, cherries, apples, peaches, etc) ½ – ¾ cups water 4 Tablespoons butter (Substitution – if you are using canned fruit rather than fresh, use one…

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If you haven’t geocached, you need to take your kids out and start doing this FUN activity. It is a high tech treasure hunting where the treasure is finding a piece of paper and signing your name in most cases. The best part is there is now an AP for your smart phone to look up geocaches while being out…

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Every day of June … Summer fun with the kids.

Our goal for the summer is to have an activity or “something” everyday as a family. It could be simple as making cheese, watching a movie together or going to church… or of course it could be an overnight trip or something else more “advanced”. My goal is to make the memories that many kids don’t get with my children….

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I am sad that summer is coming to an end!

Yes, I know that it is only July 19. (It is actually my beautiful mommy’s 60th birthday) But, I tend to see that Summer is ALMOST DONE! (I say that only because kids in Arizona go back to school at the beginning of AUGUST!  As most of you know, I do homeschool some of my kids, but I also have…

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Pool Noodle “Stick” Horses – Summertime activities

I love Dollar Stores!! I found $1 pool noodles… I don’t have a pool… What am I going to do with them? I am going to make pool noodle HORSES! My little LONE RANGERS need these!!! These were so easy to make. We ended up making 15 of them for our house (and for the motorhome to take with us…

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Making chalkboard clipboards

Making chalkboard clipboards are very easy and they are usable over and over again. They are great for “in the car” activities, traveling, and chore charts for the wall. Our family uses them for all 3. We are making new ones today for the missing one and for our 2 new boys as well. We have been using the same…

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Summertime activities – Positive Behavior System – Quarters

We have had SO many views of our POINTS AWARD SYSTEM (Click here to see information on this) that I wanted to share another system that we have been using this summer in our home. Quarter Reward System On the first of the month (or what ever day works best for you), each of you children receive ONE roll of…

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Summertime Activity – Enjoy to sights and sounds

Take time to spend a day out enjoying God’s beautiful sights. Everyday, I give my thankfuls for everything that I can. I was taking photos for a wedding and I spotted Grif and his friend Scott  just sitting there, looking out over the lake. I challenge each of you to take a minute out of your day and sit still….

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Summertime Activity – Repurpose old furniture

Poor Shelby… Her room in our home doesn’t have a closet. I am assuming that it was meant to be an office, but, she decided when we moved into this house 3 years ago that she wanted that room. We found the next best thing… a “yard-sale” dresser can EASILY be converted into a wardrobe! And we even painted it…

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Summertime Foods – Dehydrating Pineapple

I refuse to buy processed kids snacks, especially during the summer. I tend to buy in bulk and case quantity. last week we picked up 2 cases of pineapple, A FAVORITE in our household. They were FINALLY ripe I used my slicer and then I have even thickness and no skins on them. I can easily cut them into smaller,…

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Summertime Activities – Chalkboard wall

Leave a message for your kids every day, or every week or every month. A chalkboard wall or message center is the perfect spot to do that! . One of the highlights that the kids love in our home is the many chalkboard walls that we have. I have a full wall in my office and then there are stripes…

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MIA this week – Sumertime activities – Leaving the house to the pool

I wanted to post an apology for this week. I don’t know if it has been on your local news, but there is a forest fire (The Doce Fire in Prescott, AZ) less than 10 miles from our home. We were actually on a possible smoke evacuation watch because of the air quality.   So this morning, because the winds…

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Summertime Activities for Kids… Hop Scotch

With 7 kids at home during the summer time (Yes, I know that we homeschool 4 of the kids but that does leave 3, all special needs, that are normally gone all day!), I have been finding activities to do every day with them. As a child, I loved playing hopscotch. I started thinking – I have a TON of…

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Fun Summertime Foods… Hummus

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about HUMMUS… My sister is amazing and for the last 3 years has been trying to get me to even try hummus. It is UGLY and (I think) smells FUNNY. But, then I gave in and now, for the last 6 months we ALWAYS have homemade hummus and pita chips for…

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Summertime Fun – Backyard Camp Out

Who said that you need to leave your driveway and go into nature to go camping? Surprise the kids with a backyard BBQ and camp out. The only thing that you need is a tent and a flashlight…  I have a 4 person one that the boys in our family use for these mini-camps. My nephews normally come over too…

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Summertime Fun – Find a Local Library Program

Most children’s libraries put on programs during the summertime. Yes… I am telling you, if you have children, CALL YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY! Our local children’s library website is: The library in Chino Valley, Arizona (where the kiddlings and Larry and I live) has an FANTASTIC summer program. We attend the Special Needs one for Berlyn and Trystan. (Autusm and…

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Summertime Foods – Saving your herbs

Summertime is such a great time to not only grow your own gardens with vegetables but also herbs to use in your kitchen! I have a pretty large herb selection in my garden as well. I store all of my bulk herb that I dehydrated in quart sized mason jars. I have them each labeled with chalkboard labels so that…

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Summertime Activities for Kids… S’mores at home

You do not need to go camping in order to have S’mores!! We have a fire pit that I picked up at Wally-World for my hubby for father’s day a few year ago. It is portable and we can move it throughout the yard to where ever we need or want to sit for the evening. Every once in a…

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Summertime Fun – A MUST HAVE book

It is not often that I do reviews on books. I actually avoid them because for the most part, I know that everyone is different and has different types of writing so I always feel that I am judging another person’s art. However, that being said, I have found the ULTIMATE go-to book for the summer if you have kids….

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Fun Summertime Foods – Mojito for Kids

My kids don’t get to drink soda often.. but occasionally, like Sunday dinner with the grandparents or a special occasion like a party or holiday we make this fun and refreshing drink. This drink is a kid-friendly and can be made into an adult only. We have been tweaking our recipe for years, but now that we have an abundance…

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Summertime Activities for Kids… Geocaching

Geocaching is such a fun and rewarding “techie game” that kids can totally get into. Our family has been geocaching for 3 years now. When we travel, we always try and look up a cache or two on the way as well, just for the fun of it. Here’s the breakdown of what geocaching is and how to start it….