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Raising mealworms for animal feed

The Benefits Of Raising Mealworms  Mealworms are an ultimate healthy snack for chickens, ducks, geese, and quail. They are jam packed with protein and something that your critters absolutely love. We raise our mealworms to feed to our hatching babies in the house. We raise (Grand Champion) Quail. The babies go CRAZY over the mealworms that we put in their feeders….

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Day 1 – Reestablishing Fodder

Last year, after my foot surgery, we put growing wheat fodder on the back burner along with many other things. (When Mom is down….) It was a bit too hard to keep up with it. However, with a yard full of KuneKune pasture pigs, we needed to start growing something for them again during the winter time.  Fodder is PERFECT!…

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Garden & Happy – 8 Best Egg-laying Chickens

My friends over at Garden and Happy posted a GREAT article on the best laying Chicken breeds.  Here is the article (and a link to their site: https://gardenandhappy.com/best-egg-laying-chickens/)  And as most of my readers know…. I love me some chickens! I mean where else can you get fresh eggs to feed my crew??? I did take the photos mostly out…. They…

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Order Chicks TODAY!

I know that spring is when most people purchase chicks from the local feed stores. To me, this is the wrong time of year. We have been raising our own chickens for years. Chickens begin laying eggs at between 20 and 24 weeks. That’s 5 to 6 months… If you purchase week old babies in March, they will not lay…

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Growing Fodder for Chicken Feed – Day 8

Dear Jack the Cat, You are not allowed to touch the seeds… or the greens. … well, really or anything that I am growing in the house. You are a cat, not a cow! Love, Mom (the one who feeds you meat.)   Jack decided to LOVE on the fodder…  We have 7 trays growing inside and one in the…

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Growing Fodder for Chicken Feed – Day 7

Ok, so I am sure that you are finally bored with my posts on fodder…. I am just thrilled at being able to share my success (and my failure as well) with you… and I know that there are some out there who want to have chickens AND save money on feed. This is the way to do it! Once…

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Growing Fodder for Chicken Feed – Day 6

Houston, we are go for GREEN! We finally have sprouts that are showing COLOR! Day 6 is showing AWESOME growth! I am still uncertain on if a root base will form like I have read about. Remember this is an experiment for us anyhow! It looks like after researching, that I am “disturbing” the roots too much in the beginning,…

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Growing Fodder for Chicken Feed – Day 5

Oh My! Day 5 is here… we are half way through the growing on the first tray of barley fodder. I have determined that if this continues to work that we need to build another greenhouse… Oh LARRY?!?! Want another project?  I am thinking a lean-to on the front of the house. 🙂 So far, so good, no mold or…

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Growing Fodder for Chicken Feed – Day 4

So the sprouts have really begun this morning and the roots are forming! We have 3 bins going now, plus tonight will soak seeds before bead for the next day to make the 4th one. There is a “sweet” smell from the seeds and about 3 dozen fruit flies on them this morning. I have to find a way to…

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Growing Fodder for Chicken Feed – Day 3

We woke up this morning to a bit of a change on our barley. They have begun to sprout over night and we can start to see little white root coming out of some of them. We did have some fruit flies on the trays this morning. Made a home-made fruit fly trap (jar with a funnel and a 1/2…

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Growing Fodder for Chicken Feed – Day 2

Day 2 is kind of boring. We dumped the soaking seeds into their tray and watered twice, once in the morning and once before bed. The seeds did get much larger from soaking overnight. We dumped the drained water onto our herbs outside. We added 3 more cups of grains to our soaking bucket for the night to start another…

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Growing Fodder for Chicken Feed – Day 1

Day 1 – Yep, we are starting this journey of growing our own chicken feed for our hens (and a few roosters… and some ducks and geese too) If this works the way that we are hoping, we will have to double production on this in the next few weeks and then double it again when we get our rabbits…

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Fodder for the small-time farmer – general information

We are going to revisit our fodder growing in severeal weeks. We dumped all of the moldy trays (yes, the chickens loved eating them still) and have 2 new methods going – A bucket one that we saw a youtube video on and another one where you water the top and the excess water drips down to the bucket below. …