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Instant Oatmeal recipe

I love that I can have a warm breakfast available for my kids on colder mornings and I know exactly what  they are eating. And even my younger kids can make this themselves.     Strawberries’n’cream or Peaches’n’cream Instant oatmeal  (our family triples this recipe to make it worth our time to make) 3  cups quick oats, divided (1 cup ground…

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Favorite time of the year AND Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cookies

Don’t get me wrong, I love summertime and spending it outside with my family and friends. I love the sound of the cicadas in the trees of Arizona. I love eating freshly picked watermelons from the garden and swimming in the pool with the kiddlings… But my favorite time of the year is the fall when we start to can…

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Mixes from Scratch – Kris’ cookbook

Many years ago, I had discovered that my little girl, Elwyn (now almost a teenager), was deathly allergic to “Red Dye.” As a mom, I did everything that I could to eliminate the potential for harm on my baby. (She was about 16 months old when the discovery was made and was just starting to eat “big people food” .) As…

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Have you see our cookbook? Solar oven cooking.

  Learn Solar Oven Cooking with this book by Kris Mazy. An Outdoor Kitchen Full of Sunshine – Cooking Outside in a Solar Oven. Saving money is the key to a large family. No one know better than author, Kris Mazy, mom of 7 amazing children. In this book, Kris shares cooking using a solar oven. You can make incredible meals,…

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Finally HERE!!! My Solar Oven cookbook is available!

Hi Everyone…  I know that you thought that this day would never come… but it is here! My long-awaited cookbook is FINALLY here!!! We added 100 of our favorite recipes that we use year-round. Spinach stuffed Chicken is one of the favorites (and the dogs!!) We use our solar oven 3-4 times a week.

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A Kitchen FULL of Mixes

I have always had a love a passion for cooking. Back in 2012, my husband pushed me to share all of my mix recipes in book. After we discovered that Elwyn was allergic to red dye and spent her second Easter in the hospital because she stopped breathing due to anaphylactic shock with her allergy to the dreaded red dye (or…