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Happy Happy 18th Birthday, Griffen

Happy birthday to my funny man in the house, Griffen. It’s hard to believe that you are already 18! Where did the time go? You are amazing, smart, funny and so loving!

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Happy Birthday Berlyn

Happy birthday yo my pal. 14th! You are growing up so quickly! I love your love for Star Wars and for riding horses. Every day I watch you and am always amazed at what you can accomplish. I love you 3000 and 1! Happy Birthday to my little valentine!

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Happy 16th Birthday, Elwyn

Happy, happy birthday to my beautiful Elwyn! I am so proud of the amazing young woman you have become! I am so happy to be your mom!

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Happy 12th Birthday Trystan

Happy Birthday to my “little man,” Trystan. This has been some journey for you! I am happy that you are in my family and that God chose us for you. I love you! ~Mama

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Happy Happy 12th Birthday to Rowan

Happy Birthday to my Gorgeous, Rowan! This girl is AMAZING! She is a hard worker, funny and incredibly smart.

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Happy 15th Birthday, Elwyn

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Happy 11th Birthday, Trystan

Happy 11th Birthday Trystan! Mom loves you!!

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Happy Birthday Rowan

Happy Happy Happy 11th birthday to my Rosey Gorgeous!! You have grown up way too fast into such an AMAZING little lady! We love you, Rowan!

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Happy 10th Birthday Breckin

Breckin, you are an AMAZING kiddo! This is the 3rd birthday that you have spent with us. We love you so much and are so glad that you are part of our family!!! You are handsome, smart and funny!

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Happy Birthday SHELBY!!!

I am so very proud of my SHELBY! Shelby, you have accomplished so much! You are an an amazing woman, growing daily into the person that I knew that you would become. You are a hard worker and that shows by working full-time and college full-time. All of the kids in the house look up to you. I honestly can…

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Happy Happy birthday, Elwyn!

11 years ago today, Elwyn was born. This little beauty showed up 3 weeks early in a different YEAR than we expected. But, this DIVA showed up beautiful as can be. I love you because you are smart, beautiful, talented, funny, an amazing hair dresser and make-up artist. You are a chicken whisperer and have a way with cats (especially…