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Love Football games (especially of local teams)

I LOVE going to football games for the local kids. I remember watching my husband play while we were in high school and it was one of my my most fond memories. I have had the honor to be invited to take photos of Glassford Hill Middle School’s 2011 Varsity team and I am having a BALL taking photos of…

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Facebook page for my photography!!

I have been officially booking clients for family photos! I LOVE taking photos (why I went back to school originally) I am offering a FACEBOOK FAN SPECIAL – So be sure to “LIKE” me on there!!! http://www.facebook.com/KrisMazyPhotography

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A bit of a wedding… AHHH A June Wedding!

This was an IMPORTANT week… my beautiful sister got married to the MOST AMAZING MAN! My new brother-in-law is fabulous.

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This week and a few photos shoots

As I am ending my semester and my portfolio class, I am starting to take more and more outdoor portraits. (And since the weather is getting nicer, except for that FREAK snowstorm this last weekend). Here are a few of my latest outdoor portraits. 🙂 I promise soon I will be back to my regularly scheduled programing!!!

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Photos in Good Old Chino Valley

This is a photo of an old little house in Chino… I have ALWAYS wanted to take photos of it. 🙂 I ventured out there… a bit shocked at the amount of garbage inside… along with the birds that flew out as I approached.

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Watson Lake, Prescott, AZ

I got a chance to go our to Watson Lake here in Prescott, AZ kidless. I had such a GREAT time hiking around the lake, taking photos with different apertures. I took photos of different local plant life with a view of the gorgeous lake behind it. [lameda_exif id=1670 info=”title,camera,focal_length,iso,aperture,shutter_speed” ] [lameda_exif id=1683 info=”title,camera,focal_length,iso,aperture,shutter_speed” ]

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This is it! Starting a new chapter today!

Today marks the first day of my semester in school for the fall. I am taking 17 credits this semester. Can I do it? YES!! Classes include: Journalism, Bio, Chemistry, English and Photography. Some are online, some are hybrid and some are in class. I am looking forward to only having 3 more semesters total for both my FineArts and…

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Elly’s Photo Shoot

I love taking photos… seriously… why else would I be going back to school to get my Art degree and Photography certificate. It’s even better when you have a subject that WANTS to be there. Elly is always so much fun taking photos of… and the best part is that she will listen and do whatever she is told (without…

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Hang 10

This weekend we FINALLY got around in taking our family photos!!!  HANG 10 BABY!

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The Simple Things

Sometimes finding the simple things in life is hard – So many of us are running around, schedules full. We need to step back and really view what is important in life. I know… sometimes I have trouble doing this as well – between my school, kids homeschool, my work, Lar’s works, clubs, sports, etc. Last week we found out…

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Some Black and White Inspiration

Since starting the 35mm Black & White class, I have learned so many techniques and ways to “create” a different way than the digital stream. Although, I LOVE digital, being able to learn the techniques that started out the great hobby of photography has been a whole new thing for me. Here are a few of the recent photos that…

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I LOVE March

March is such a FUN month in our family… It is the “BIRTHDAY Month”. My sister’s beau, Jason, is on March 13th, my nephew, Brent, is March 18th, Lar is March 22nd and my dad is March 23rd. I really think that the boys want to celebrate all month, especially with cake… Yesterday was Griffen’s Blue and Gold ceremony with…

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Take time for little things

This last week, our whole family has either had the tummy flu or sore throats. … or BOTH. It has made me come to realize that every day is a new day and that we need to take each day one at a time. As I am typing this, my youngest daughter is sound asleep on the floor, older kids…