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Being Prepared – Creating Homemade Disinfectant Wipes

A quick and easy alternative to store-bought “clorox” disinfectant wipes – especially while there is a shortage.

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Being Prepared – Creating Homemade Baby Wipes

A quick and easy alternative to store-bought baby wipes – especially while there is a shortage. I have been making these for over 20 years!!

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What if the toilet paper and tampons are gone? Being Prepared

What do you do when you run out of toilet paper or women’s essentials – Have these on hand in your emergency stash!! #amazoninfluencer #beingprepared #krisandlarry https://www.krisandlarry.com Check out these items we featured in the video. Dutchess Menstrual Authentic Original Cups Set of 2 with Free Bags – Size Small – https://amzn.to/2Qjq2zp Size Large – https://amzn.to/2TWkVqM Washable Sanitary Napkins /…

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Creating Goat Milk Soap

Here is the first of our preparedness online FREE classes! Remember to Like, Share and Subscribe on YouTube so that I can keep these free. Download all of the files from this online class for your reference HERE!

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Toilet Paper Shortage? No Problem. Try Family Cloths

Everywhere I turn around this week, the talk is about the CoronaVirus – And in our area, we have a shortage of toilet paper. Since I was a little girl, it has been instilled into me that we should always be prepared for a “just in case.” Today our “just in case” is going into effect. I have some toilet…

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Revisiting from 2019 – Seed storage and other tips to start your garden

Download the 2019 Yavapai County Planting Schedule Over the last 20 years, I have been able to streamline how we store and use our seeds for our gardens. Check out the quick video below!

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Freeze Dried – Citrus

Wait? You can freeze-dry citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges? Yes, you sure can! Now, what would you use them for? You can use them in slices or ground up. You can rehydrate or use the powders. Berlyn and I created a video for you below. Check it out! You can also visit our youtube channel at www.DiscoveringEducation.us I…

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Back to the basics – Hand Crank Kitchen tools.

Making life simpler We have added all of the items that we listed below on our Amazon Shopping cart as well. https://www.amazon.com/shop/krismazy Kitchen tips and tricks Can you imagine living in a world with no or limited power? I can see a future with no power or a limited time/amount of power that each family can use. What are some of…

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Firestarter – Toilet Paper Rolls and Dryer Lint

Learning different techniques to get that heat and/or cooking first started can be a matter of life and death. Today I am going to focus on one that we use all winter in our house. Being that we do heat our house with a wood stove (I have propane central heat that we do not use often). Our woodstove heats…

Freeze Dried Orange Juice
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Freeze Dried Orange Juice

In the 2-1/2 years that we have had our freeze dryer, I have never tried to dry orange juice (or any other drinks for that matter) We ended up with a case of Tropicana Orange juice and using our new Modular Moulds from https://www.frozenright.com/products.html Check out this video of both freeze-drying and reconstituting orange juice. There were even a few…

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Being Prepared – List of things to help you have the essentials in your home.

In my journey of having a large family, I have researched and researched what I feel is a necessity of having in case of a natural disaster or another catastrophic event. (I include the thought of losing a job or being short on your luck this month in this category!) Fresh and safe water. – This could be a number…

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Arizona 2019 Snowpocalypse – Were you ready?

I live in an area that does get some snow…. But most of the time, that snow melts down by the next day, we get 2 or 3 inches at a time. But, this was the storm of the “century”. The first day (yesterday), by 5pm, we had 24 inches at our house. We are sitting at about 28 inches…